Corporate Sponsorship

By becoming one of our corporate sponsors you demonstrate your corporate commitment to the public education of the youth of our City.  There are various levels of sponsorship available.  You can view the opportunities by clicking here: Sponsorship Opportunities 2013-2014

These sponsorship opportunities are commensurate with other institutional partnership arrangements in cities throughout the Urban Debate Network. And based on other examples and past precedent, your organization can expect and can strategize to derive a significant public relations value by seeking local and national media exposure, by enticing interest in the press, and by promoting this partnership in your own company organ and website.

The SDC will work with your organization to be sure that it is receiving the greatest possible value in publicity and recognition for its philanthropic support.

Urban debate is one of the best documented, most positively covered urban education reform programs of the past ten years.  Its transformative value of under-privileged youth in cities across the country is proven.   We are both proud and honored to extend to you the opportunity to become a sponsoring partner to the Memphis Urban Debate League, and to provide life-changing experiences to an ambitious and deserving coterie of urban youth, upon which a good portion of the hope of our collective future depends.

To request more information or to meet with our Board President or League Director click here: More information needed

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